This tab is a convenient place to store both old writings and miscellaneous content for online linking for the memoir I am writing, as well as content that I want to have available online without creating a specific page for it.

Yogic Contributions to a Comparative Psychology of Knowledge Processes is a position paper I wrote for Donald T. Campbell’s graduate course in Evolutionary Epistemology at Northwestern University in 1966.

Alternative Futures and Educational Policy is a 1970 research report by Willis Harman that essentially laid the intellectual “keel” of our Educational Policy Research Center (EPRC) at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International), and subsequent writing about alternative futures by both him and myself.

The Forecasting of Plausible Alternative Future Histories: Methods, Results and Educational Policy Implications is a detailed description of the early work of the EPRC at SRI.  Written by W.W. Harman, O.W. Markley and Russell Rhyne, it is a chapter in Long-Range Policy Planning in Education, Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1973.

Unity with Diversity: Toward Social Policies for a Future World Order is a revised version of a presentation I made to an International Seminar on Human Unity held in celebration of the Sri Aurobindo Centenary, New Delhi, December 5-7, 1972.  It was published in World Futures Vol. 17, pp. 121-155, 1981.

Contemporary Societal Problems is an exploratory study to identify promising topics for high leverage policy research.  Written by O.W. Markley, D.A. Curry & D.L.Rink,  it identified four categories of societal problems: Substantive, Procedural, Normative (Ideological) and Conceptual; suggesting that the latter two categories may have exceptionally great promise for further investigation.

Changing Images of Man is a two part summary of the SRI research report “The Societal Consequences of Changing Images of Man” that was written by Joseph Campbell, Duane Elgin, Willis Harman, Arthur Hastings, Oliver Markley, Floyd Matson, Brendan O’Regan and Leslie Schneider.  I published it in the Renaissance Universal Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3 & 4, Summer & Fall,1976.

Experiencing the Needs of Future Generations: A Step toward Global Consciousness is my first experiential visioning process, and the one most frequently used to introduce audiences to this way of looking at the future.  This version is a chapter I contributed to the book, Thinking About Future Generations. Kyoto: Institute for the Integrated Study of Future Generations, 1994.

Experiencing the Needs of Future Generations with Adults and Children is an experiential research article that my graduate student, Sandy Burchstead and I published in the Journal of Futures, Vol. 29,  pp. 715-722, 1997.  It features a number of drawings by children that illustrate their experience with the process.

Foundational Concepts for Visioning ‘Integral Co-Creative Partnerships’is a draft white paper setting forth the intellectual underpinnings supporting the vision of integrating intrapersonal/interpersonal/transpersonal/ transcendent aspects of consciousness for the crowdsourcing of positive solutions to emerging global crises and conscious evolution.  A 15 minute guided meditation to experientially explore how to energetically empower this concept  is available at  Based on feedback on this first draft, the term “integral” may well be dropped from subsequent writing on this approach.

My-Work-with-Nature-Spirits-ver-3.1 is an unpublished narrative of experiences I had during a one-year meditative retreat on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Gradient Model of Emancipation Brief ver. 3.2is an unpublished white paper on the nature of evil as seen in the transformative ascension across four zones of consciousness: personal, transpersonal, transcendental, and integral.

Rescuing-Elephants-in-the-Living-Room-Ver-11-25-08 is an unpublished PowerPoint deck prepared for an “Integrity Project” that received much positive feedback, but little interest in collective action.