Intuition in Futures Work

A  ‘Symposium on Intuition in Futures Work’, that I edited recently appeared in the Journal of Futures Studies, Vol 20 No 1 (Sept. 2015).

This Symposium was recognized in 2016 by the Association of Professional Futurists as being a “Most Significant Futures Work that advances the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies”.

Contents of the Symposium are:

 Introduction to the Symposium on ‘Intuition in Futures Work’ by Oliver Markley

The Inner Game of Futures by José M. Ramos

Applying Intuitive Methods in Explorations of Preferred Futures by Ruth-Ellen L. Miller

Intuition and Evolution –How I Find It Essential to Use Intuition in My Futures Work by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Intuiting the Future(s) by Sohail Inayatullah

Learning to Use Intuition in Futures Studies: A Bibliographic Essay on Personal Sources,Processes and Concerns by Oliver Markley

Classical Intuition and Critical Futures by Marcus T. Anthony

Intuition, Rationality and Imagination by Marcus Bussey

A video of me being interviewed  about the  JFS Symposium on Futures Work and my own work with intuition can be seen at:

A set of PowerPoint visuals supporting this interview can be seen here.

Click on the following link to download the PowerPoint deck for a recent presentation on this work: Intuition in Futures Work – UH Foresight 2017 Gathering.